Water Bottle Jetpack

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A contestant on a Japanese gameshow gets shot over a lake with pressurized water bottles strapped to his back. It looks like they’re all pressurized with bicycle pumps and then released all at the same time. He goes really far and high up in the air, I’m surprised he didn’t get hurt, yikes! The water rockets you can build are fun, not sure launching humans is a good idea, unless it’s for a game show. Link.

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  1. Humm.. I saw about the same thing on ‘Hey! Spring of Trivia’. They used a lot more bottles to launch a guy a few feet in the air. I’ll have to review my tapes to see exactly how many water rockets it took. I’ll agree with EmoticonFury, the game show video looked a little off.

  2. we posted this before it was tested, so we’d actually need to invent a time machine (and still watch tv i suspect)


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