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Heli Xpad Some really interesting projects for UAVs you can build yourself! Robotics and autonomous agents are way more interesting to me than writing the same organization process-oriented software every day. I’ve been doing a lot of research on autonomous micro-air vehicles (MAV) and Unmaned aerial vehicles (UAV) lately and I’ve come across a few Open Source projects… Link.

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  1. For those of you who might be thinking of joining the military, UAVs are becoming more and more relevant. UAVs typically have intel collection capabilities (radio intercept, photography) as well as ordnance (air to ground missiles). They provide greater accuracy on the battlefield, they can take down targets that would be inaccessible to conventional forces and platforms, and they aid reconaissance for conventional actions.

    There are MOS designations for UAV operations and maintenance in at least two branches of the service that I’m aware of, the Army and Marines, and it is logical that there would be similar MOSs in the Air Force and the Navy. If you have civilian experience building and operating UAVs on the hobbyist level, it might get you an advantage when requesting a related MOS in the military. Though of course, keep in mind that no matter what you sign up for, military necessities may require you to be reassigned to a different specialization and a different part of the world than you expected.

  2. heh i’m doing uav as ma final year project. can any one b guidance for. since i studied aeronautical i’ m weak in electronics field. so kindly help me frens….

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