Optimus Keyboard (OLED Technology)

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This keyboard seems to be _the_ coolest keyboard ever. Many of the keys are little LCD screens that seem to be configurable and/or application aware. The site is in Russian, and who knows–it might be some weird prototype, but I think it’s a little glimpse of what’s to come. [via] Link.

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  1. These keys look like an updated version of the PREH switches. I’ve known about these LCD-topped buttons for about 8 years, but have never been able to find a decent source for them. They are (according to the datasheet) fairly simple to program (a clock line and data line, IIRC).

    PDF Marketing brochure: http://www.technokey.com/preh/exe/LC_Trend_Series.pdf

    If anyone has a source I’d really apreciate it.

  2. This keyboard is a design prototype. Actual device exists but does not work – they are in the stage of picking a buyer for it who will manufacture it.

  3. Someone in the United States by the name of Elkin Acevedo invented the Display Kayboard a while ago. This invention is the exactly the same as the newer Russian Optimus Keyboard. Acevedo’s patent number is 5,818,361. We do not know when this keyboard will be in the market.

  4. The patent held, is not an acceptable patent. It doesn’t describe an actual invention, but is there to block future invention. There is an enormous difference between these two, and this also the reason why patents are being challenged … especially those patented in the US these days. They do not describe actualy invention, but are intented to milk future inventors. This sort of behaviour, should be reprehensable.

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