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Images-128 Huh, I didn’t know this was going on…As you might know, Linksys released the source code of the WRT54G firmware under GPL a while ago. Sveasoft (as well as other projects like WiFi-Box) took this code, added some features and patches and released an improved version of the firmware. This worked fine until one day, Sveasoft decided to close their firmware from public access and to charge 20$ from anyone who would want to download the code. So far so good, however since the GPL allows free redistribution of the obtained program (in this case firmware), one of their customers decided to put the firmware binaries on a P2P network, making them available for everyone. I don’t know who this person is, but I thank him for his kindness and in order to help people out, I decided to mirror those files on this website. Link.

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  1. Just a note, if you are worried about getting firmware from an unknown third party, the “Final” and public version of Alchemy is available for free on the sveasoft website. I have been using it since the betas and find it amazingly stable.

  2. Sveasoft is okay, but lets face it – it is closed. The freifunk firmware, which is based on OpenWRT , does most of the Sveasoft magic, but also does OLSR which means it builds a wireless mesh network with your WRT54G right out of the box.
    OpenWRT is the kind of architecture makers want. An open, plugin based approach to building cool stuff.
    I am trying to build a mesh network in Africa – OpenWRT and Freifunk seem to have the magic I need, I just have to MAKE it. If anybody knows how to help do get in touch. I need a good forum or mailing list or IRC room. mikeymckay at the old google mail repository. ;-)

  3. Original blog is inaccurate, since sveasoft has always charged $20. They just happened to release their first three firmwares mistakenly under the GPL, without completely understanding that full compliance runs contrary to a profitable business model.

    But there are plenty of alternative firmware to sveasoft, not to mention many firmware releases based on sveasoft licensed under the GPL.

    But whatever with all that, there are alternative firmwares available that ANNIHILATE sveasoft in features, versatility, just about everything. The original poster sounds like he needs some clues, so I say this in an earnest effort of gratitude in order to help him out.

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