HOW TO use the PSP to open Masterlocks

This homebrew PSP application will generate a list of the 100 possible combinations for a Masterlock combination lock given the last digit in the code. Check out our HOW TO on running homebrew code. I loaded up the program using KXploit – here is a photo and here’s a link to download the PSP application.

0 thoughts on “HOW TO use the PSP to open Masterlocks

  1. I remember when the original program was posted on hackaday,and at the time I asked this question, and I’m going to ask it again. Can’t someone code this so that it can run on a cell phone?? Either symbian or nokia would do just fine, but I think the possiblities would be endless with that.

  2. Lord protect us against script kiddies. Some punk wants it on his cellphone so he can hack locks. DIY, kiddo.

  3. i would, if only i had any coding knowledge whatsoever. And no, i’m not going to use this to break into things i’m not supposed to, more of as a cheap party trick!

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