Low tech version of the VCR Cat Feeder

Images-155 In MAKE 03 we have a VCR cat feeder project, but Peter from NYC sent in another way sans VCR…“When I had to feed ol’ Skippy upon leaving my apartment for a few days or so, I’d hot-glue a standing box of kittyvittles in the center of a piece of 2′-square cardboard, and cut a paw-sized hole in the bottom. After making sure the bathtub faucet was dripping slightly into a dish, I was good for as many as 3 or 4 days, and no worrying about power outages. Skippy had to work for his meals, but all the better. Now, an electric self-cleaning litterbox – THAT would be something worth warming up a soldering gun for.” Link.

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  1. I really thought the cat feeder could be adapted for making a light-sensitive retractable window blind. Having them installed is cost-prohibitive for me (a lowly high school teacher). Unfortunately, I’m an English teacher, and have no possible way of understanding the majority of things I read in Make, let alone understanding how to adapt them. My sister, however, has a real love of mechanical everything, and so might be willing to help me with this project. Also, I see Make has posted a link for creating automatic blinds, so we’ll try the least complicated.


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