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Turn RSS into PDF files

This site turns any RSS or OPML feed into a PDF file. I have a few ideas about what I can do with this. Once I get the OPML app going I could do an OPML version of MAKE and then convert it to PDF as I add and remove articles (RSS feeds)….could be neat. Link.

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  1. Hey Phillip,

    Thanks a lot for mentioning

    I hope you get that goin’ on with the OPML version of Make – if you try it out and come up with suggestions for improvements to my web service, give me a holler ;)

    Tom Churm

  2. This is great, however what would REALLY make my day would be an off-line version. I have a “private” wiki page that I keep locally (using tiddlywiki). I would be cool if I could convert its RSS feed into a PDF.

  3. FYI – Acrobat 7 has this feature built into the application. The tracker window is a full RSS reader and you can convert your feeds into PDF files from the menu bar.

  4. The Adobe Acrobat 7 RSS support feature is indeed a cool thing.

    If you have Adobe Acrobat installed, and open up one of the PDFs generated by , and then click on one of the hyperlinks in the PDF, you can (depending on some settings in Acrobat, probably) add the webpages from the resulting links to the original PDF.

    This is a little hard to describe, so I’ll try again:

    • you go to & generate a PDF based on a newsfeed or OPML file.
    • You then download that PDF and open it in Acrobat.
    • Then you click on any link in one of the Items in the PDF – you can easily add the end-link’s webpage to the existing PDF, thus further documenting news stories that interest you.

    I can imagine that this might be useful for people who have to do a lot of web research.

  5. BTW, please check out a new feature I added about an hour ago:

    it’s called ‘OPML as Feed’ and it turns an OPML file into a PDF Launching Pad so that you can fully utilize Acrobat Reader as a newsreader in your browser.

    Here’s a sample link so you can take a test-drive:

    Many thanks to Peter Cooper from for the idea for this feature ;)

    Tom Churm

  6. Hi to everyone!!!
    I’ve been working on a new website,, which aims at providing webmasters a tool for providing their sites’ RSS feeds as a PDF document. It allows aggregating up to 5 feeds into a single PDF document. You can even choose the font for the PDF.
    The site also offers tools for adding this capability to any website, much like rss2pdf does.

    Kind regards,


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