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Free Hydrogen Generator Plan with videos

Hydrogen06Hydroman writes “You might say I am a shade-tree scientist. I am doing a research and development project of my own. I am making hydrogen from beer cans, water and sodium hydroxide. Visit my website to see the plans, watch the videos and leave comments in the forum. I had a lot of fun making the videos. This is an opensource project. Join in the fun!” Link.

22 thoughts on “Free Hydrogen Generator Plan with videos

  1. It appears as though this H2 generator is mounted and used in an automobile.
    What exactly is the maker doing with the generated hydrogen in that setting? Is it used as an fuel additive, or somehow in the combustion process of the engine? How does it improve gas mileage?

  2. The author says he vents the gas into the intake of the engine as a suplement to the gas.

    I am not sure how valuable this is though. One cannot generate very much gas from Al, and in reality I would be highly suprised if you would see even .05% increase in mileage unless you were dumping in pounds of high quality Al. You also get the added bennefit of a reasoable noxious soup that you now have to remove from your car.

    1. i am NOT any type of a pro at this…but the information that i have been able to come up with is , the gas is tapped off from the generator and piped into the intake of the car. between the mas airflow and the throttle intake. again i am NOT a pro at this .i am just learning about this stuff. the gas is not intended to replace the current fuel but assist the mileage . it is { only a supplement } however , it will improve mileage as well as emissions.

  3. This is kinda suspect considering this guy doesn’t know much about chemistry. The sodium hydroxide is consumed in the reaction it isn’t a catalyst. The reaction is: 2Al(s) + 6NaOH(aq) → 3H2(g) + 2Na3AlO3(aq)

    The products of this reaction are pretty toxic and are considered hazardous materials, I wouldn’t want this in my car. Get in a wreck and hydrogen, NaOH, and Na3AlO3 go everywhere, I’m pretty sure most people don’t want that.

  4. yes agree whit some persons here using sodium is verry piluting verry toxit as well and its not clean.
    i see a lot of people they here a bell ringing but dont now what they talking about.
    Its create no2 thats verry toxit.
    many people should read stanley meyers patents i now stanley is using a resanator the frekwentie is 42700hrz.
    therminuclaire reaktion is created whit device to get hydrogen.
    now thats what i cald clean energie.
    and the amount of gas thats comes free is overwelming.
    iam still saving some money to buy the resonator if any one can tel me where to buy it please write to Dhr.M.Frerichs email
    For information about this item

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