HOW TO save as PDF with Microsoft Office now…

The big announcement over the weekend was that Office 12 will support PDF export from all the Office applications (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc..). Mac users have had this system wide for the most part for awhile, but if you’re on a PC you can also do this now, for free (as opposed to the pay versions of PDF exporting). CutePDF is a great, PDF online does it online…and Adobe can convert text or HTML too. Link.

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  1. Open Office has offered this for a while, it’s free, .doc compatible, non-evil and less system dominating.
    I have managed to replace Office and Word with OpenOffice with no real issues, I use the rc of version 2, very nice.

  2. You could just always print to a file since that will end up as a PS file. I don’t know why people are so obsessed with PDFs.

  3. Mac OS X has had print to PDF for a while now. Since it’s built into the OS, anything you can print can be a PDF. This is really handy when you’re working in a Mac only-application like OmniGraffle and Pages and need to talk with the other 95% of the world.

    My wife, who’s getting her masters in psychology, also likes it for doing research. Since Tiger can index and search PDF files, she can save journal articles to PDF and search them instantly.

  4. I had a office of over 30 people switch from office xp, to open office, for that ability, and they are very happy with the nearly $6000 they were able to pipe into raizes and perks.

    its the really good kind of free (free that is worth more than you paid for!)

  5. Ghostscript is an excellent way to create PDF files. If you follow these instructions, you can set up a PDF-generating Printer that will show up in your list of printers in Windows. Then you just print to it normally. I’ve used it for years, it makes *extremely* small PDF files that don’t seem to be missing anything.

  6. LAME: The reason everyone wants PDF’s is that everybody and their dog has a PDF viewer on their computer (thanks to Adobe). I have a .PS viewer on my computer (the afore-mentioned Ghostscript), but I would bet that i’m in the minority. Everyone can view .PDF, not everyone can view .PS.

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