DIY Plasma pencil?

1259269585Janet sent this in and has issued a Maker challenge to build a “Plasma Pencil” – “The pencil generates a “cold plasma,” which can be used to kill germs that contaminate surfaces, infect wounds and rot your teeth. In the future, it might be used to destroy tumors without damaging surrounding tissue. Laroussi, an associate professor at Old Dominion University, hopes the beam will soon find its way into doctors’ and dentists’ offices.” Link.

7 thoughts on “DIY Plasma pencil?

  1. Plasma. I remember reading about the fourth state of matter in 8th grade in school in the States. I then went the next year to High school in American Samoa- this was in the late 80’s. My science teacher had never heard of plasma. You can guess that I got a poor education there- in fact, it was there that I finally gave up the struggle to be interested in school.

  2. ok, is it just me, does no one else see the posibility of Lightsabers with this stuff?

    so it cant actually cut anything, but it would still be worth it


  3. Re: Lightsabers
    You kidding me? They can get the beam up to 134C. It may not be able to cut through a spaceship door, but if you carried a small pair of O2 and H tanks, you could have your very own water boiling lightsaber!

    You may not be able to kill your enemies with that blade, but you’d be sure to give them a painful booboo.

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