Kits Image1A $3,000, but it’s tempting…E Ink’s Active Matrix Electronic Paper Display (EPD) Prototyping Kit is designed for product designers, engineers and technologists who want hands-on access to a high-resolution paper-like display. The kit includes a production sample of a 6″ SVGA (800 X 600) active matrix display made using E Ink Imaging Film, along with all of the hardware and software necessary to produce a fully functional portable device. The prototyping kit is based around the Gumstix single-board computer, which combines a 400 MHz Intel XScale® PXA255 processor with a Bluetooth transceiver, USB, a serial port and an MMC card reader. For mobile prototyping, the kit also includes two Li-ion batteries with a total capacity of over 4000 mW-h, and an integrated battery charger. [via] Link.