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Crochet Grocery Bag Tote

Here’s a fun way to recycle those pesky plastic grocery bags that are piling up in your kitchen. Instead of recycling them back at the supermarket, make yourself a cool tote bag. Here’s the full step-by-step on how to take regular o’ plastic grocery bags, cut them up, and crochet them into a tote! Find bags with a variety of colors for cool stripe patterns. [via] Link.

16 thoughts on “Crochet Grocery Bag Tote

  1. umm grrentallahassee it’s reduce THEN reuse THEN RECYCLE! you reuse before you recycle!! and this also obv reduces as well!!!

  2. I really want to make this bag, but I’m knitting now.
    Are there knitting instructions to match?

  3. For knitting I think you can try a simple garter stitch (knit every row) to the measurement of how you want the bag to be. Try knitting a swatch for gauge to get your exact stitches/measurements correct.

  4. wat up this method would be easier buy getting some plastic bags and baking paper put 1 on the bottom then put 2 plastic bags joining at the handle and put another piece of baking paper on top and iron then keep goin and then you join the sides and the handle then walah you have a plastic bag bag

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