ItriphackTrevor writes “When I got my first iTrip, I loved it. Yea, the range and quality could be better, but hey, I’ve got my iPod playing in my car. Then I found a tutorial online which explained how to increase the iTrip’s range simply by taking the antenna out of the case. When I did it, I was amazed at the increase in audio quality. Such a simple hack can easily make your iTrip much better. Then, I got the new iTrip LCD from Griffin, which has an LCD screen to display the station and a knob to change it. Griffin says the LCD version has better audio quality and range than the old iTrip, but it still didn’t match my hacked iTrip. Since I couldn’t find a tutorial online, I decided to just dive in. I used the same basic method as with the old iTrip, with a few small changes. If you decide to do this to your iTrip, know that it does void the warranty, and you need to be very careful.” Link and alternate link.