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BustersSlashdot is inviting folks to post their questions for the Mythbusters – not sure if it’s too late, but have at it! – “Who are the Mythbusters? Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman are the hosts of a unique and popular television show on the Discovery cable channel. Working from a background in the special effects industry and shooting on location at effects warehouse M5 Industries, Jamie and Adam attempt to shed light on hearsay, rumour, and myth. Along the way they usually run across a little bit of science, too.”Link.

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  1. hi my name is Hunter and i have a question about building a robot powered by compressed air. it would be used in a school for a project and me and a friend the arm would have to swing around all the way so the hockey stick wont break so if you could give me an answer at it would be great.

  2. I was watching a show about water displacement. Do you think by adding all these super ships the size of cities on the ocean we are raising the ocean level? fill a tub up with water and see what i mean! We have added so much to the ocean we can”t blame it all on greenhouse effects!I would love to see some thoughts on my hypothesis!

  3. My sister who lives in Christchurch NZ. told me that some people were thrown from swimming pools during the past few earthquakes just wondering if it’s fact or fiction ?

  4. I have a myth for you guys: If you make an axe red hot and chop it into some wood will it light the wood on fire?

  5. I have a myth for you guys: If you make an axe red hot and chop it into some wood will it light the wood on fire?

  6. if a bomb blew up inside a tornado, would it change the airflow enough to keep the tornado from touching down?

  7. if a bomb blew up inside a tornado, would it change the airflow enough to keep the tornado from touching down?

  8. if i am on a bullet train and i shoot a bullet to a target on the train perpendicular to the motion of the bullet train, then will that bullet hit the target it is aiming at.

  9. hey guys,i have been making dry ice bombs for some time with 2 liter bottles and water.they seem to be right dangerous and was wondering have yall tried doing this.i was wondering if it would be strong enough to kill a human .i see you have gellitin bodies so you could try it.i cant do it because i dont have the stuff to do it.and i dont want to try it on myself ,i know its gonna do some damage.put about 3 inches of water in the 2 liter bottle,put in chunks of dry ice till its spewing heavy smoke out the top,i know its not smoke but ill call it that.put the top on fast.dont worry u have about 20 sec before it blows but do it fast as u can.the bottle will get about double in size.when it blows it sounds like a 12 guage shotgun.any one whom reads this,do not do this at home.i have worked with this ice for yrs,it will kill u if not handled correctly,or burn you.the stuff you guys do remind me of myself growing up.i have tried it all.i wish i was in califonia to meet you would be neat to see what kind of pressure comes from this boom with simple buy out of store stuff.take care,please no one else do this,im not responcable if you get hurt,ive warned you.take care myth guys and gals,mike

  10. If a plane was on a treadmill (obviously quite a large one!) with the speed of the machine matching wheel speed, would the plane take off?

  11. Is this an urban legend? Young couple was making love and suddenly they were stuck, because the woman had an IUD and the man had a ring at the penis. Is this possible or not?

  12. Hello Mythbusters. When you get drunk and fill the gas tank of a car with no gasoline with your vomit and urine which contains alcohol, will the car start ?I got this idea from the movie Gamer(2009).

  13. why dont u prove the 9/11 lie . working with the fbi as u often do prove gasoline cant melt steel asbestos coated by the way and thermite can .. iseen u melt steel plates before. hey prove building 7 cant just fall down in sympathy… when other damaged building next to them had to be demolished

  14. I know you can send a camera in the air untill the balloon snaps, but what if you use a bigger balloon? So the question is: Is it possible to send a camera with a big balloon to outher space (with the record on) and then the man in the shuttle can grab it?

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