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Cuckoo IP

CuckooCould be a fun MAKE project…“Cuckoo IP is a voice messaging system. The clock’s answer phone can be dialled from mobile or landline. Leave a voice message, select a time for the delivery of it. At that time, the cuckoo will emerge from the clock and broadcast your message. The device uses networking protocols to communicate with a server. Every minute, the clock asks the server if there’s any message for that time-slot and request the sound file.” Link.

2 thoughts on “Cuckoo IP

  1. Unomi says:

    Sometimes….. Sometimes I think what the *. That people can come up with ideas, some stupid, some great that’s OK. But getting the guts to make your idea into a project and start DOING it….Bravo.

    I think this is just a great hack. Cuckoo clocks are old, and nasty from the design perspective. But yeah, if these things wouldn’t exists, this hack would not been thought of. That’s just marvelous.

    – Unomi –

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