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UbuntuRavi has a good round up on why Ubuntu Linux is a good way to get started with Linux, I usually hand out the live CD version to friends who want to tinker or install on an old computer, he writes “Ubuntu is fast on its way to becoming a peoples OS. I have always wondered what is it that makes people embrace Ubuntu over other Linux distributions. After some pondering, it struck me that the USP (Unique Selling Point) of Ubuntu is its user friendliness. Ubuntu is a distribution targeted at the non-techie crowd – those that want to get their job done and not spend time tinkering with the OS.” Link.

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  1. What made me embrace Ubuntu was the fact that it was the first ever distribution (and believe me, I tried more than a few) which would install with only minimal editing of configuration files over a telnet connection to another computer.
    Most other distributions either wouldn’t install at all (the installers either failed to start, crashed, or failed to complete in some other way), installed incorrectly (display, network, and/or USB not working for example and no way to get them to work), or were horrendously unfriendly to use (manual editing of configuration files before almost every application start).
    Ubuntu OTOH just works. After hacking the X configuration (it had incorrectly detected the refresh rates of my screen leading to some display corruption) it’s just ticking along nicely until the next time I trip over the powercord (the battery is dead).
    Unlocked the root account and I’m going strong. Only thing I’ve not tried yet is to print from it (printer is attached to another computer).

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