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The Yarn Spinner

Zoe Ashton-Worsnop crafts old school style by spinning her own yarn. The UK based crafter loves the relaxing and addictive nature of this art. How did she get into this you ask? Zoe explains, “I learnt to crochet about 2 years ago and from there I discovered people like Heidi Kenney from and Lexi from Pluckyfluff. I fell in love with their yarns and I wanted to be able to crochet with yarns like theirs but as I was at home with not much money I couldn’t afford to buy any for myself. I met a lovely old lady at a local craft fair who spun and she kindly taught me how to spin on a drop spindle and also gave me two spindles and some roving. ” Zoe has been spinning ever since and her beautiful multi-colored yarn can be found on her site along with pictures of her antique spinning wheel, “Lilian the Louet” (Click on Mango Yarns/Tools). Link.

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  1. Nothing unusual; there is a thriving spinning community out there with new members all the time. It’s growing by leaps and bounds, and is no longer the province of historical re-enactors and older women from the 70s crafts revivals. Many young people are coming in from the knitting revival, some drawn into it because they think spinning looks fun (it is) and some, like Zoe, because it’s a source of cheaper yarn. :) I find that I get many times more enjoyment out of my Making dollar by spinning my own.

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