HOW TO – Build an iPod Shuffle FM transmitter

MAKE photo pool member Shufflehacks writes "I built my own radio-transmitter for my Shuffle, I nicknamed it "iMouse". It works quite easy, there is a power switch on the bottom to turn it on. Just press play on the Shuffle and tune your radio to the right frequency. The range... Read more »

Make your own internet connected weather station

"Oww is a software project, to communicate with the Dallas 1-wire weather station and other 1-wire sensors, presenting live weather readings, logging data to file, uploading data to weather Web sites, and sending data to other programs through a command line interface." Thanks Jason! Link. Read more »

HOW TO – Ground Effects Lights For Your Bike!

Nice Instructable from Maxwell - "An easy DIY project to add ground effects lights to your bicycle or other means of conveyance, utilizing inexpesive and commonly available cold-cathode lights. They look cool, and really do increase your visibility at night. Since putting them on my tallbike everone is asking to... Read more »

DIY RFID Implant

Electric clothing writes "At the next Dorkbot meeting in NYC (Wednesday, January 4th @ 7pm) Mikey Sklar will be explaining the process he used to install a $2 RFID tag in his left hand. His talk will cover why he choose to do this, the necessary materials, different tag options,... Read more »

Speed controller circuit for radio controlled boats…

"This application note describes a circuit designed to control the speed of a dc motor used in radio-controlled boats. The electronic speed controller (ESC) is a "no-brake, forward-only" controller. I wanted to keep the part count low and the circuit simple so a couple features were sacrificed. The circuit does... Read more »

Poor Man’s Air Conditioning…

If your car's air condition is broken, or if it just doesn't have one - this summer you might consider building your own, like this person did. This DIY car air conditioner is a wall unit inserted in the back window of an automobile and it is powered by a... Read more »