HOW TO – Make a RFID-Zapper

180Px-22C3 Mahajivana Img 0430 360X240The RFID-Zapper is a gadget to deactivate (i.e. destroy) passive RFID-Tags permanently. The development-team presently consists of two people. Goals are a proof-of-concept and the construction of at least one functioning and appealing prototype, as well as a documentation of the project, so that everyone can build an own RFID-Zapper. Thanks John! [via] Link.

10 thoughts on “HOW TO – Make a RFID-Zapper

  1. I’m as much for anarchy and freedom of expression as the next guy, but is there a use for such a RFID zapper OTHER than for shoplifting?

  2. This will teach the stocking employees at Wal-Mart a lesson…

    *rolls eyes*

    I guess someone had to do it though.

  3. ive seen in the news that they will issue new ID cards and will be mandatory in the US and that they will have RFIDs in them.

    i was thinking, as soon as i get that…
    burn the card. now i might not have to… but i most certainly will keep burning it a big option.

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