ProjectorHandy how-to from Gadgetopia “Being on a budget, we got two things for our business: the smallest conference room we could reasonably get away with, and the cheapest decent projector we could find. This means that the projector is pretty big, and takes up an entire end of the conference table. I needed a way to mount it to the ceiling, but projector mounts run between $100-$200. They typically come in two types: Spidery-Articulated-Aluminum-Dealie and Pole-With-A-Mounting-Plate. One of the Pole-With-A-Mounting-Plate products I found on the net claimed, “mates with any 1 1/2 inch pipe” in its description. That sent me to Home Depot, and I came up with this rig for about $40. Read on for a rough how-to.” Thanks Star. Link.