FarmshowJackson has a review of Farm Show… he writes “Was hanging out at my family cabin in Washington State over the holidays, and one of the most eagerly awaited pieces of mail for the year showed up — Farm Show Magazine’s best of issue. It’s got all sorts of awesome DIY stuff. One dude turned an old Ford F-150 into a 10HP electric truck that’ll go 40MPH. Another dude took a tank from a rail car and turned it into a giant furnace that burns those big rolls of hay. It heats a reservoir of water that’s then piped to all the buildings on his property, with old truck radiators used as the indoor heating elements. The hinge for the furnace door is an 8′ axle salvaged from a John Deere combine. There’s a guy who built a wheelchair transporter out of a garden tractor, or the guy who modified a roto tiller so it could pull him in his wheelchair while he drove. There’s even an Oregon company featured that makes custom heavy-duty jeans which I’m totally going to pimp as a fashion statement. Anyway, you’ve got rural ingenuity, DIY, environmentalism and everything else that makes America grand. Highly, highly recommended.” Link.