Building a Lathe Tool Sharpening Jig

Badger writes "This holiday season my lovely lady wife asked me what I wanted for Christmas. Since my hobby is hard to buy for, we often have these conversations. One of the things I had mentioned was a 8″ Slow Speed Grinder I had seen at Woodcraft (on sale no... Read more »

HOW TO – Make a flush iPod nano dock

Simon made a simple iPod dock for his iPod nano using all the parts it came with. On the Flickr photo set he posted it shows making a hole in the desk, modding the connector cable and securing it flush on the desk. I go through too many devices to... Read more »

Update your phone? No MP3s for you!

This is a trend I think we'll see over and over again this year with phones and the music stores carriers are going to roll out - the slow death of MP3 playback on phones, or having to have a Windows PC and Media player 10 to convert to WMA... Read more »

Simulating Phase Shifter Pedals in Software…

Peter writes "In response to the earlier post, I've heard back from people who are using circuit simulation software to create highly accurate models of physical circuitry in software. The folks at Audio Damage use the free SPICE model and software to produce audio/music plug-ins like an upcoming bi-phase effects... Read more »

The Book of Cool (How-tos)…

This looks like a great DVD full of how-tos, here's a review from Kathy Sierra - "Without a doubt the coolest present I've ever gotten is The Book of Cool, which is really a set of DVDs (plus a companion picture book) on how to do... cool tricks. You might... Read more »

HOW TO – Make homemade cider…

Holly writes: "Step by step instructions on making a batch of hard apple cider, from picking fruit through bottling and adding letterpressed labels." Link. You can also see a very complete Flickr photo set here of making your own hard cider. Link. Read more »

Review of the FLY Pentop computer

Review of one of my favorite new devices of 2005 by Barry Gerber - "When I first heard about LeapFrog's Fly Pentop Computer it seemed like a perfect product for a half-serious half-humorous review. After all it is marketed as a toy for 'tweens (ages 8-13) and you conjure up... Read more »

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