Roady2 Pop 1Dissident75 shows how to set up a cheap xm radio in your house without buying the “home kit”. All done with cheaper/free parts. “This weekend I was bored and needed to do something. I had purchased a Roady2 XM Reciever for a exgirlfriend but broke up with her before giving it to her. Seemed like a shame to let it go to waste, and I had been curious about satellite radio for a while. Examining the package, it was a standard car install kit. Including the receiver, the antenna, 2 types of mounts (vent and pedestal), a tape adapter, dc power supply (cig lighter), and a few colored faceplate accents. Standard fare really. Useful for a car install but useless for a house install.” Link. In MAKE volume 01 we show how to make your own battery pack too (for XM radios).