HOW TO – EVDO on Gentoo Linux

GentooNick-oshean in the Gentoo forums writes – “This how-to will discuss how to get EVDO on Gentoo Linux. Specifically Verizon EVDO using the Keyocera KPC650 EVDO PCMCIA card. Most if not all EVDO PCMCIA cards are just serial modems with usb-serial hardware. So they basically just show up as USB devices. They could have just been serial devices but I guess it’s easier in windows to make it a USB device that converts to/from serial, maybe it’s easier to write drivers for or easier to work with. But it makes it relatively easy for us to support it in Linux.” Link.

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  1. We have about 10 of those drives at work. For some reason mine is the only one that hasn’t had the crystal break loose. All I can figure is that they really, really didn’t want to have a through-hole component on the drive, so they took a through hole component and modified it. Turns out that’s not a good idea


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