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History of super computers

Eniac Pic1 500X406
CNET has another great picture series (with video) of super-computers starting with the 1946 ENIAC“This computer, unfurled to scientists on February 14, helped launch the computer revolution and the U.S. tech dominance for 50 years.” Link.

4 thoughts on “History of super computers

  1. Actually, this particular picture series sucks rather hard. It skips from Univac to the Intel 4004. Key (and picturesque) developments missed in between include:

    CDC 6600 (the godfather of RISC).
    IBM System 360, from which we derive a lot of modern computing conventions.
    PDP-8, the first minicomputer, and another RISC antecedent.
    Data General Nova, a brilliantly simple minicomputer.

  2. I could only find eight images at the link. Are there more? If there aren’t more, there are some fairly important “super” computers missing. First of all, there were 10 British Colossus computers put in operation before the ENIAC. Secondly, there are some great images of Cray super computers around the web. Some of my favorites are here.

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