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What a 3D Printer can’t do…

Michael Frumin from Eyebeam writes – “Over the last 2 weeks or so, I worked with Jerry Paffendorf of Electric Sheep and Second Life future salons to capture and 3D print his SecondLife avatar, with his SecondLife ‘Slegway.’ We had some success after a couple iterations, learning a good lesson about what you just can’t do on a standard 3D printer. The one-piece print would have been just impossible to separate from the support material without destroying the model material, eh?” Link. A special bonus – how to do this will be in our upcoming book Second Life Hacks!

10 thoughts on “What a 3D Printer can’t do…

  1. it should probably be noted that this is a limitation of the particular 3D printer that they are using, not of 3D printers in general

  2. I bet I could do it with my ZCorp machine (and in color, too). It does not print that support structure which is mostly with the liquid based rapid prototype machines. The unbound powder from which the model is built from acts as a support structure. It does have trouble with very fine structures eroding or breaking when depowdered. Get them to post the model somewhere and I’d give it a try. The preferred file format for the ZCorp is PLY or VRML is there is color information. We could also probable do it with a max or maya model.

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