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This USB photo watch can hold 26 (94 x 64 pixel resolution) photos and for $39 – it’s likely an excellent source of parts for projects. [via] Link.

5 thoughts on “$39 Photo watch

  1. Subtle suggestion and one I can whole heartedly endorse. Its a neat (read cheap) device that I bet would be easy to hack to bits. Imagine something like this being used as part of a wearable system. I wonder how hard it would be to stream data to it via bluetooth or wi-fi? Forget photos, could you read text from the display or stream video?

  2. you read my fricking mind . . . failing video capabilitiy, a simple script could replace the photos in a sequence could make it a news, gps or wifi display for an otherwise concealed laptop or usb otg device . . . could be very useful

  3. ugly doesn’t look like a watch to me, juts like wearing picture frame on your wrist with no dial and looks so fat

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