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Some Makers out there wanted to make their own box to store their MAKEs, so here you go! We have two PDFs one is the wrap and the other is the panel. The wrap goes on first, and then you glue the panel on the back, and that hides all the rough edges from the wrap.

To get these PDFs you need to 1) Be a subscriber and/or have MAKE volumes 1-4 and 2) email me with the subject “I HAVE MAKE VOLUMES 1 – 4 SEND ME BOX ART”. Click here to email me.

Post what you make in the MAKE Flickr photo pool! We’ll pick someone to get a free year of MAKE!

If you want to buy the MAKE year one limited edition collector edition box set – check out our new and improved MAKE store. The box set is on backorder, but it’s shipping again soon. Update 5/16/2006: the box set is back in stock!

12 thoughts on “Make your own MAKE box…

  1. I just cut mine out and glued it together. I do have one lesson learned. When you cut out the wrap, leave a tab at the top and bottom of the spine to glue to the top and bottom. This will seal up the ends and make the box stronger (unfortunately I didn’t think of this until I was done).

  2. Make Vol 5 says, on page 184: “Just need the cool collector’s box? We have that too (”

    However the link takes you to the store where there is no option to purchase just the box.

    It doesn’t seem right that those of us who actually subscribed from Day 1 cannot get a box in which to store our Makes, yet any newbie just joining the party can order the First Year with the cool box. Why not sell the box? In fact, you should plan to sell storage slipcases for each year, going forward.

  3. I’m a subscriber.. Where’s my box sets? You guy’s should seriously consider including the box sets with the subscriptions..

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