HOW TO – Catch a mouse without a mousetrap

Chris sent us in a (humane) how to on catching a mouse without a mousetrap, all using household items – Link.

22 thoughts on “HOW TO – Catch a mouse without a mousetrap

  1. I posted this at the website as well, but I’ll repost here :P

    The one we always used and I don’t see mentioned here is to simply take a 5 gallon bucket. Tape the handle in the upright position, and take a slat of wood that leads up to the handle (but leave a good 3-4 inch gap). You spread some peanut butter on an empty can of soda that you put on the handle so that it spins. And in the morning you have a couple of mice in the bucket.

    The Mice try and get to the can, the can spins drops them in the bucket. Slightly more complex, but still a 5 minute set up, and not nearly so ghastly as a spring trap, or poison.

    This one is nice because you aren’t limited to a single mouse a night, and you don’t entice mice onto your counter/living area’s.

    Then we just cart the bucket out into the woods and let the little buggers go.

  2. In the morning, remove the mouse from the trashcan. Give it a stern lecture about property rights. Place it back on the ground so it can scurry off, collect its belongings, and vacate your house.

  3. Hahahah!

    Great Idea!

    I’ve caught a couple just by leaving some food in the bottom of a five gallon bucket next to something they can climb on.

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