NADA Rapid prototyping of physical interfaces

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I saw the NADA gang last week at Etech and I’m going to try and review this, it’s a fast and easy way to control devices with Flash and Java.

Robust physical computing prototyping systems are appearing continuously. More than just Lego Mindstorms, the BASIC stamp and microcontrollers, physical computing prototyping kits are a lightweight way to create real world objects that have interesting functionality without having to learn (too much) electronics or mechanical engineering. New software glue layers allow for much easier interfacing with existing software products, which opens up a whole new world of hacking beyond the screen and beyond basic circuit bending.

NADA – Link.

4 thoughts on “NADA Rapid prototyping of physical interfaces

  1. This looks fantastic for Flash, but as near as I can figure isn’t necessary for other apps. MIDI is supported by a wide variety of apps, and most of the other hardware mentioned here supports interfaces via an SDK and/or software for tools like Processing, Max/MSP/Jitter, Pd, and others.

    Am I missing something? “Hacking beyond the screen and beyond basic circuit bending” — we’ve been doing this in Max/MSP for quite a long time now. I’m excited about software “glue” for Flash, but Flash created the hole in the first place. (Anxious to try this nonetheless.)

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