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We love SketchUp – at Macworld 2006 we gave it “Best of Show” and on Pi day 3/14 (ironic!) they were acquired by Google – congrats gang! Link.

Download the free trial here and get making! – Link.

Pictured here, a very cool house drawing from Alvaro Carnicero from the “Sketchup” tag on Flickr – Link.

MAKE Crystal ball – Sketchup will soon go free (as opposed to $495) and all 3D objects will be searchable, indexed and have the ability to be added to Google base for purchase, fabrication and more. In late 2006 Google will acquire Linden Labs, makers of the 3D virtual world Second Life and begin to index the world’s virtual knowledge. Using Google Earth, Sketchup, In-world-Google video, Google base and Virtual – Froogle for virtual world sales, a new 3.D crazy will hit the tech scene and I’ll finally be able to wear my homemade LCD Google goggles all the time.