HOW TO – Make a 21 foot GPS wall clock

Spark Fun Electronics writes – “Why? Well, why not? We had the new LED Light Bars burning a hole in our pocket, so we decided to build a clock. Not just any clock – but a very large 24″ tall, 12 foot wide, clock with GPS current time and accuracy down to 100ns. The clock turned into a huge undertaking. But at least we get to annoy Eric as the huge thing ticks over above his desk…”Link.

This clock will be at the Maker Faire! Wooo! – Link.

12 thoughts on “HOW TO – Make a 21 foot GPS wall clock

  1. I thought a LED clock with 3″ digits was big.

    Wow. I now have an overwhelming urge to build a slightly smaller model.

  2. A couple of suggestions.
    1. Use PWM to control the brightness.
    2. Use an optical sensor or one of the leds to sense the light levels and have the clock auto adjust the brightness.
    3. Make it more modular. Use a pic chip per module and daisy chain them.

  3. Now if I directed “lost” this is the countdown clock I would use. Can you imagine the overhead lights going down and having this clock countdown as the only light in the room.

    Nice work, I give you bonus points for the gps accuracy.

  4. Don’t use a rotozip. Use a hot wire cutter. Much cleaner. Do a google search and you’ll even find plans to make your own.


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