The Modern Marvels Invent Now Challenge named the top 25 Inventions of 2006 and we have some pictures! This is part V, that’s it!

20-Solar Powered Bus Stop Light
Sean G. Westcott, Engineer, Eugene, OR. Solar-Powered Bus Stop Light: The Solar-Powered Bus Stop Light allows a waiting passenger who sees an approaching bus to press a button located on the bus stop pole, illuminating a light that signals the driver to stop.

Dr. Daniel M. Schuman, Doctor, Henderson, NV. SinuClear Microlaser Hand Tool: Multi-purpose surgical-hand tool to work around delicate vital body structures without causing injury to the healthy tissue. The tool has a dual therapeutic and diagnostic use.

18-Shift Bicycle
Matthew C. Grossman, Student, Austin, TX. Shift Bicycle: This bicycle is intended to help small children learn to balance on their own without the crutch of training wheels and the worry of skinned knees. The bicycle features two rear wheels that are spread apart at slow speeds to provide critical stability, and as the rider gains speed, the two rear wheels merge together to act as one wheel until the rider reduces speed and consequently returns the bicycle to the two wheel configuration.

17-Resc-Hue Life Line
Robert C. Kelly, Firefighter, Burlingame, CA. Resc-hue Lite Line: The Resc-hue Lite Line is a waterproof, fire-resistant light that is based on electroluminescence principals and provides 360-degree lighting when firefighters, divers, the military or anyone in a low light environment needs it most.

16-Quick See
Brent W. Crutchfield, Veterinary Student, Greensboro, NC. Quick-See: Quick-See uses paper coated with thermo-chromic ink set to change color allowing people to cut their pets’ nails at the appropriate place. The artery and nerve within the quick of the nail causes the color to change over the area not to be cut.

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