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This looks like a wonderful (and depressing) exhibit at the Nanzuka Art Gallery in Tokyo, March 24 till April 9 – “A ban of selling many of the electric appliances that were produced and sold before 2001 will start on the 1st of April, 2006. It is because of the Electric Appliance & Materials Law which was introduced on April 1st, 2001. By this bill, people who sell the industry that produce, import or sell electric appliances has to have the “PSE mark” to sell or display with the aim of selling them. PSE stands for Product Safety Electric Appliance & Materials. It is a mark that prove that the product accommodate the law. I am going to omit concrete explanation of its standards. In short, the law is about selling of electric appliances and materials that are produced before April 1st 2001 and do not accommodate the new standard is prohibited. Radio cassette players featuring in this exhibition are surely one of them. By the way, punishment for violation of this law is “penal servitude of one year or less, or penalty of one million Japanese yen or less. Or, both” (Article 57).” [via] – Link.