Good-ish news, looks like model rockets may get an exemption from being regulated to death – “Senator Enzi issued a press release that stated, “People who build and launch model rockets for fun should not have to give up their hobby due to an unnecessary set of obstacles and an unjustified claim which classifies rocket propellant as an explosive. This safe, mind-expanding activity offers many benefits to today’s youth including increased interest in math, science, and space exploration while providing them with a fun recreational activity. While this decision is not the end, it gives rocketeers firmer footing and gets them closer to enjoying their hobby without having to bear the burden of unnecessary regulation.”Link.

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Update: Make_rockets writes “If you’d like to get involved in model rocketry, you probably want to take a look at the National Association of Rocketry, a nearly 50 year old organization dedicated to the safe, educational and fun use of model rockets. There is a probably a local club in your area (if you are in the US).

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