ATX Power supply to bench unit mod

ContraptionMaker writes – “This project was inspired by this excellent wiki entry and Matthew Beckler’s project found here…”Link.

Previous: HOW TO – ATX -> Lab Bench Power Supply Conversion – Link.

8 thoughts on “ATX Power supply to bench unit mod

  1. This is quite a neat idea! But I thought I’d better mention that some switch-mode power supplies will misbehave when run without a load. Some will fail to start up, while others will produce voltages that are well out of spec. No doubt, with PC power supplies, there’ll be a lot of variation from one type to another.

    Best to check voltages with a meter before relying on the PSU to supply an accurate voltage.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement! You are right a psu does need a load to stay on, and that’s what the power resisitor is for. It creates a load on the circuit anytime the power is on. Thus the need for the resisitor to be attatched to a heat sink. And I agree, you should always check your voltages with your meter.

  3. Just as an FYI regarding this and similar conversion projects posted here….. Dell power supplies use a nonstandard color coding scheme and won’t work for this project! I found out the hard way…..

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