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Russell Beattie reports on his blog that the Home Depot has really good deals on cables and other items, better than the usual retailers, he writes – “Home Depot sells a lot of electronics cables right on the same aisle as the extension cords. Everything from RCA adapters to ethernet cables – and they’re all really cheap! Or I should say, relatively cheap, compared to every electronics store I can think of like CompUSA or BestBuy which crank up the price on the simplest cables to obscene levels by pretending they are all “gold-plated, high quality” cables or whatnot.”Link. I wouldn’t be surprised if Home Depot became the “new Radio Shack”.

Pictured here, the The 5-in-1 Network Cable. Nothing’s worse for a network administrator than being without a needed cable. Make a single cable to replace the five you need – The result: no more tangles and no more scrounging for a missing link. MAKE 01 – Page 96.