Picoflyer – Tiny RC helicopter

Amazing tiny radio controlled helicopter! – “The 60 mm rotor diameter, 3.3 grams Picoflyer is the smallest size electric powered contra-rotating coaxial-rotor RC helicopter ever built. It is battery powered and it uses the Proxflyer concept to give it inherent stability. It is built to test how small helicopters using the passively stable rotor concept could be.” [via] – Link.

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  1. This is the coolest design i’ve seen and i’ve been following the micro-rc heli’s for awhile. But the video here is very unimpressive. Being skeptical of the design, it looked like the heli was swinging on some invisible thread. I’ll pay more attention when I see it fly in more directions than just up and down.

  2. there are a lots of great designed micro and mini rc helicopters out there such as : Skyhawk,Esky Honey bee…unlike their larger gas powered helicopters,
    they can be flown anywhere,even inside your house.It’s
    not hard to imagine how suprised and excited when you
    fly your mini rc helicopter indoors freely.They are perfect for practing your hovering and landing techniques.
    The best thing is it cost just a fraction of the standard size rc helicopter…great benefit.
    And this hobby is especially good for the people who stay in some of the more snow laden parts of the country…
    For more info on micro or mini rc helicopter, rc helicopters tips, go to : http://www.rcplaneguide.com/MiniRCHelicopter.html
    and http://www.rcplaneguide.com/RCHelicopters.html

    content was copied from : http://www.rcplaneguide.com

  3. These micro RC helicopters are taking the Toy and R/C World by storm. Radio Shack, Toys R Us and airhogs have all come out with their own variations. Unfortunately, their is skill involved in flying these machines, a skill many don’t posess. If you’re interested in learning how to fly RC, you can check out the guide I wrote about R/C Helicopters at

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