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HOW TO – Make sandals made from old tires

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I have some shoes that are made from old tires, and here are some sandals you can make yourself, also made from old tires – [via] – Link.

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16 thoughts on “HOW TO – Make sandals made from old tires

  1. This is easier said than done, tires within the last decade have steel cables in ’em making this impossible.

  2. Re: steel belts etc. The secret to making these is not to use old tires, but cast off recaps. Commercial vehicles (like trucks and busses) often get their tires recapped. The process involves grinding down the surface of the tire until it is smooth, and applying a new belt of tread around the tire and bonding it to the tire. Occasionally, these fail, and the tread belt peels off the tire on the road. (This is why it is illegal to run recapped tires on the steering axle). You can see these castoffs on any interstate.

    The original “dirty hippy” sandals were almost certainly made from these as people hitchhiked. This belt of tread is much thinner than a tire, has no belts inside it, and can be worked with good snips or shearps, or even with a knife. It also would be much kinder to your feet.

  3. This is not impossible, you just need to use the correct tires. I have found that those spare “donut” tires work beautifully. They have belts, but the belts are NYLON, not steel. Worth doing.

  4. Hey, I could plainly see that Phillip T. ~ who posted this ~ gave credit to the source. He provided a link after sharing that he has shoes made from old tires. Then he provided an on line source with instructions on how to make your own tire sandal. The link, which also advertises the book you were referring to, “Participating In Nature” by Thomas J. Elpel was meant to be a point of reference. No attempt to take credit for the photo or for the project appears to be made from what I see. If you know Thomas Elpel, perhaps he could teach you the power “keen observation”. You could certainly use some ~genius~

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