New device allows woman to see, even without eyes…

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Article and video on “Artificial vision” – “More than a million people in the United States are legally blind. Many of them once had vision but tragically lost it. Now a breakthrough device could give them back some of their sight. Some call her the bionic woman. Others call her a medical miracle. But Cheri Robertson has given herself another title: “I just call myself the robo-chick.”” [via] – Link.

8 thoughts on “New device allows woman to see, even without eyes…

  1. It’s amazing what’s going on with medical prosthetics! I’d love to see what difference it would make to simulate eye movement in the camera system. Using sensors on the eye muscles, a fisheye lens image could be chopped down to what she really intends to see. I bet it would give a large improvement in what can be done with the limited resolution of the brain implant.

  2. I wonder why they can’t use a wireless protocol to send the data to the implant- that would avoid the complications of infection on the port. Bluetooth anyone? I know that the bluetooth modules are really tiny and have low power requirements. Induction power?

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