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Personal cell phone repeater

Da4000Mr-30U Backbox Lg
We get a lot of questions about cell phone repeaters and this is one that might be interesting to check out (and take apart)…

  • DA4000MR Wireless – no connections to cell phone
  • Increases cell phone range up to 50+ miles
  • Amplifies 800 and 1900 MHz bands
  • Use multiple cell phones and carriers at the same time
  • Reduces dropped calls
  • Up to 1,000 sq. ft. coverage area or one room
  • Extends the life of your cell phone battery

DA4000MR can be used with all 800 & 1900 MHz digital cell phones & tri-mode phones operating on CDMA, TDMA, PCS, GSM850/1900, GPRS and AMPS.

More here – [via] – Link.

14 thoughts on “Personal cell phone repeater

  1. I just installed one of those repeater/amplifiers last month, but it was the 60db gain model PowerMax DA4000SBR. I live in a hole where cell phone reception is extremely poor. If I move 100 yards up a hill in the back yard, I have a great signal. I have friends and business associates who come over, have enough signal to receive the call, but it get’s dropped right away. They end up running outside to the top of the hill to take the call. Now with the repeater amplifier, my problems are solved. At $400+ it was a pretty spendy decision, but without it, I couldn’t use any of the modern cell phones. I had been relagated to an ancient Nokia which was the only phone in existence that would get a decent signal, but now I can use my new Palm Treo 650 without any problems!

    I would highly recommend this model, just make sure that you read all of the instructions and you understand that there has to be decent signal attenuation between the antennas for the unit to work properly.

  2. That’s why I went with the unit with the 60db gain vesus the 38db gain. The signal really gets weakened by walls and obstructions, depending on their construction. I have a 1200sq ft home with a detached garage. I placed the interior transmission antenna on one side of the interior of the house closest to the garage and I am able to get a signal boost throughout the house and even out into the garage.

  3. 1000 square feet isn’t that big, really… it’s less than 32 feet on a side. Large for a home, maybe, but here at work, the room my department shares is maybe 50′ square.

    Although, presumably, the 1000 square feet that the product covers is circular. Well, spherical, really, but that’s not the point.

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