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Make T-Shirt Stencils from Freezer Paper

Stencil Freezerpaper

Angry Chicken posted up a great tutorial on how to make stencils for t-shirts from freezer paper. Originally found off, this technique is so quick and amazing, you’ll be ready to emblazon your designs on all your shirts, bags, you name it! If you can’t draw, don’t worry, freezer paper must be like magic because you can even run it through an inkjet printer (just make sure it prints on the matte surface not the plastic side). Link.


  • Paper Options for Stencils (Freezer Paper vs. Contact Paper and more) – Link.
  • – Laserjet + Freezer Paper – Link.
  • – Freezer Paper Shirt – Link.
  • – Daria Stenciled Tote Bag – Link.

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