Submedia02 has a new DIY veggie conversion DVD – “Veg-oil conversions allow your diesel vehicle to run directly on recycled cooking oils! Veg My Ride teaches you how to convert your diesel car to run on used veg-oil. No need for expensive biodiesel, fill up at most any restaurant for about .15/gallon! Waste fryer oils, collected from your local restaurant are the least expensive alternative fuel solution, and by far the most readily available. “Veg My Ride” shows you how to install a dual tank conversion. This means you still have your factory fuel system and tank, and the ability to run on standard petro-diesel at any time. This system is IN ADDITION to your factory fuel system, providing the most reliable fuel system.”Link.

If any Maker wants to review it (and use it to Veg out their car) for MAKE, drop me a note.