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MonkeyHumper writes – “My wife wanted a hammock for the backyard, and Sketchup came to the rescue. I found the easiest way to build in Sketchup is to build a bunch of standard lumber sizes and use them over and over again. I can’t wait to make it… “Link. Check out other projects that are made (or will be made) with Sketchup here – Link.

Since Sketchup went free, we’re seeing a lot of new projects being posted – eventually you might be able to send off your files to a fabricator, lumber yard or whatever supplier – the stuff shows up, you make it! How cool will that be! Maker-aware suppliers could have all their parts/tools/things available as Sketchup components so we can use them to build our projects (and eventually order).


  • Workbench plans – made with Sketchup – Link.
  • SketchUp -> Google SketchUp now free… Link.