About a year ago we started sending MAKE sample PDFs through iTunes, we were hoping it would catch on and eventually become another way to distribute eBooks – and now there are a couple more, so maybe it will start to happen — Wikinews print edition and Rick Steve’s audio tours – [via] Link.

I just put a sample section of our new book The Makers in the iTunes (RSS) feed. Click here to subscribe in iTunes and download the PDF. Or just grab it. It should be there once iTunes checks our feed…


  • MAKE @ iTunes – Link.
  • Screenshot of MAKE @ iTunes with PDFs, audio, video, etc – Link.
  • Using PDFs in iTunes… – Link.
  • iTunes 4.9 supports PDF enclosures – Link.
  • MAKE Magazine volume 03! FREE PDF! – Link.
  • Mousey the Junkbot PDF (first PDF subscription in iTunes? 7/2005) – Link.