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We tried out the new “Skypecast” – we have around 15 or so people total, with the potential of 100 – overall it worked well. It’s a bit like Xbox Live meets hackery confs from the 90s. When you start a Skypecast, a window pops up and logs in your Skype client. The entire chat is displayed in a HTML page that updates as people come and go. It’s alpha/beta so there are a lot of features missing: There isn’t an indicator of who is talking, you can “mute all” and then unmute each person, along with eject folks, but that’s about it. There isn’t a chat system -as- you’re talking, you could manually do it, but it should just be part of it – but overall, it’s not a bad start, it worked, it’s free, the host can leave and the conf still goes on. We’ll schedule another event soon, so stay tuned!


  • More about Skypecasts here – Link.
  • Screen of Skypecast in progress – Link.