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Erin writes – “This weekend, during the fabulous power tool races, was the incredible annual Kinetics Sculpture Challenge in Boulder, CO. These hand-made, human-powered crafts have to face an incredibly difficult over land-and-water-and-combinations-thereof course, which the fastest team completed in hour-and-a-half. Three-and-a-half hours later the last team to make it under the deadline drug their way across the finish line. I’ve included a few links that I’ve been able to find to show the sheer Maker-ness, as well as the zaniness of the event.”


  • The Killer Rabbits (2nd place overall this year) – Link.
  • The Cyclepathzs (their 2002 site, they finished 6th overall this year) – Link.
  • The Noodle Canoodle II (finished 9th overall this year). Full blog, but requires free login at paper’s web site – Link.
  • The Frog Formerly Known as Prince (4th overall) – Link.
  • The 21st annual’s website – Link.
  • Web site – Link.