Make Podcast: Rebecca Hinden’s Red Eye Goggles

Make Redeye1

Rebecca Hinden is obsessed with the red eyes that you see in photograph. For her latest project she’s made up red eye goggles that let you see red eye without having to take anyones picture and develop the photograph.

Make Redeye2

Blaed Spence stepped in for the interview. Watch the video to learn more about how the goggles work.

Make Redeye3

Click here to get the video (MP4) delivered automatically with iTunes. This video will play on PC/Mac/Linux/PSPs and iPod video devices – Link.

4 thoughts on “Make Podcast: Rebecca Hinden’s Red Eye Goggles

  1. this is the first time i’ve ever heard of someone actually WANTING red eye. kind of goofy if you ask me…

  2. The goggles aren’t for creating red eye. They’re for viewing red eye in people without taking a picture of them. So you can just look and see the red eye effect.

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