Mini On Hood
Ryan writes – “I have always wanted to put a Macintosh-based computer into my DeLorean. Today, you can read about how I made that a reality. This project involved more than just a carputer. This is the merging of an automotive environment and a computing environment. This creates a portable office in your DeLorean. Not just a drive-in movie theater, but a drivable drive-in movie theater. Sound like fun? It is, but challenges along the way have made this ambitious project push the limits on my electronic and fabrication talents.”Link.


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  • Making a Macswagen– Adding a Mac mini to a VW: a pro tells us how he did it. Matt Turner is a professional fabricator and installer of mobile electronics. He’s been working in the industry for 12 years and has built numerous award-winning show vehicles. His latest project brings hope to all car owners hoping to Macify their ride. MAKE 03 – Page 54.
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