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How Transistors work

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Curious how transistors work? This site has some OK animations and explanations – Link.

6 thoughts on “How Transistors work

  1. That page probably makes a lot of sense for the people who already know how transistors work, but for people like me, I’m just as clueless as before.

    Does anyone know of a _better_ resource to explain transistors to me? Probably part of some kind of _electronics 101_

  2. Please take a look at our “UVA Virtual Lab” webpage explaining how semiconductors and MOSFET transistors work. I think it may have what you need:

    This type of transistor is used in integrated circutis and is far more common than the bipolar or “BJT” transistors shown in the page you referred to. It is also easier to explain

    Prof. John Bean
    Uniiversity of Virginia

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